Flight Planning

Promise Aviation is the Africa’s leading provider of on-demand aviation services. Our commitment to professional services makes us the best “complete flight planning” company in the aviation industry and a true partner in your company’s business

Not only can we help make your operation run smoother, we can also help you in reducing your costs. When you have a flight operation, you no longer need to send a request to a large number of agents. All you have to do is to contact Promise Aviation and you can rest assured that everything will be taken care of.

Consultation and Training

Our Consultation and planning team will design what is BEST suited for
your business based on your operation and growth needs.


Our Sales/Lease options are presented in clear and direct ways to help
you make the RIGHT choice,.

Our goal is to HELP you BUILD you business to optimize your resources.
We will play and advisory role and guide you to make the RIGHT CHOICE.